The Best Pocket Light for Filmmakers - Andycine Boling P1 Review

 Anycine Boling P1 RGB LED Pocket Light Review cinematography

In a market that’s becoming increasingly over saturated with bang for your buck LEDs, it’s really hard to know what’s worth your hard earned cash and what’s not worth a penny. Considering the incredible advancements in LED technology over the past few years, it’s surprising that there are so many awful quality LED lights still out there on the market, and the Andycine Boling P-1 definitely isn’t on of those lights.


The Andycine Boling P1 is a pocket sized RGB video light. It is a heavy duty aluminium construction which makes the product feel well built and premium. For such a small and compact light it still manages to push out a considerable amount of light output. At 0.5m the light puts out an astonishing 1480lux for over 2 hours thanks to its internal rechargeable battery.


The light features 290 LEDs that are capable of switching between three light modes that are easy and intuitive to switch between, a Bi-Colour mode which allows you to switch all the way from 2500k to 8000k with a great CRI rating of 95+, the light also features an RGB mode that covers the full spectrum of colour with adjustable hue and saturation, as well as an effects mode which features some fun special lighting effects such as a police car, candle light, lighting and a tv flicker.


My personal favourite feature on the Andycine Boling P-1 is the really intuitive mounting bracket. The mounting system allows you to mount your light almost anywhere, on top of your camera, on a light stand, you can fold the mount into it’s own stand, and I’ve even folded the stand to mount onto a doorframe without any issues. I really wish this was a feature that other LED manufacturers included with their lights because it really does set the Andycine Boling P-1 apart from any other lights on the market.


My only negative comment about this light is that it doesn’t come with any modifiers, and not only that but there isn’t any modifiers available to purchase at all. If you look at other small RGB LED lights at the same price point such as the Aputure MC or the Falcon Eyes F7 they come with modifiers that help shape and control your light such as a diffuser and grid. I’d love to be able to soften and focus the light onto a subject with modifiers but that’s something that the Andycine Boling P-1 is sadly lacking.


However don’t let that one negative criticism take you away from how absolutely fantastic this light is, it’s intuitive, extremely bright, functional and incredibly compact, and for such an affordable price there really isn’t much to complain about. The Andycine Boling P-1 is a great on-camera RGB light. High brilliant construction quality and LEDs at an affordable price. It’s become a mainstay in my personal camera bag and I really hope they bring out bigger models of this light in the future, a 1x1 panel would be incredible.

Anycine Boling P-1 RGB LED Pocket video light review for filmmakers and cinematographers