Stanley Kubrick Collection Review

Stanley Kubrick Blu Ray Collection Review
Due to the current global lockdown, we’re all spending a lot more times in doors than we’d like to. To battle the inevitable effects of cabin fever I’ve spent a lot of time watching films, and just before the lockdown happened I luckily picked up the new Stanley Kubrick Blu-Ray collection on sale and I’m so glad I did.

I’m pretty new to the whole world Blu-Ray collecting, I only really started getting serious about my collection at the start of last year. If you follow me on Instagram then it’s pretty blatant I have a raging love for the films of Stanley Kubrick, his films were really the ones that started opening the world of cinema up to me. So when I was browsing my local HMV and saw this Stanley Kubrick Blu-Ray Collection on sale, there was absolutely not a single moment of hesitation. As soon as my eyes set sight on it, I knew it was coming home with me.

One of my favourite things about collecting Blu-rays is the abundance of stuff that comes with the movies, the behind the scenes, the art work, all those geeky little extras that get my cinephile blood pumping. And this Stanley Kubrick Collection comes with a tonne of those extras. Along with the blu-rays, you get a 20 page picture book filled with some lovely behind the scenes shots, it’s basically a super condensed version of the Kubrick archives book I already own, but it’s a very lovely companion to the films. The box set also comes with 7 mini poster cards of the films included with the box set.

The box set contains 8 films in total:

Stanley Kubrick Blu Ray collection review the shining clockwork orange Lolita Full Metal Jacket 2001 a space odyssey eyes wide shut
The 4k restorations of The Shining and 2001: A Space Odyssey are jaw dropping. Seeing both of these visually rich masterpieces in UHD was an incredible viewing experience. 2001 being an especially awe inspiring escapade, I just can’t understand how a film that’s over 50 years old can look so incredible, everything from the cinematography, visual effects, production design and sound design outclass a lot for the films even being made today, it’s baffling how far ahead of their time Kubrick and his peers were.

It would have been nice to have all the films featured in this collection restored in 4k resolution but it’s really not something I feel detracts from the quality of the collection. Full Metal Jacket especially looking fantastic in just standard Blu-ray format. It’s no secret to the people who know me that Full Metal Jacket is my personal favourite Kubrick film, it’s the first one of his films that I watched, and it’s the first one I owned on DVD, and this Blu-Ray restoration is stunning, and the sound mixing is so immersive it’s impossible to describe with words. Would I have liked to get a 4k version of this? Yeah it would have been nice, but I’m not going to moan about it because this Blu-ray version is more than incredible to watch.

I just love how this box set is presented, the box and Blu-Ray cases are like a piece of art themselves, they’ve just nailed the aesthetic presentation on this one. I really hope they do more of these collections for other filmmakers, I’d love Tarkovsky, Hitchcock and Kurosawa.

if you’re a fan of Kubrick’s work and you’re considering picking one of these up then I deeply recommend it, yes it’s a little bit on the pricey end, but when you consider you’re getting 7 films, a documentary, artwork and a collectors piece for that price, I really think it’s more than reasonable. I’m really proud to add this one to my collection, and I really hope you guys get to experience the greatness of this collection too! If you’re a Kubrick fan, I’ve also ranked all of his movies here on my blog previously. 


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